Thinking the Bound

Thought and “Reality” have relationships that are difficult to define. On the limit, which is also the point where the game and the dance between the two takes place, there is still room for reflection. Beyond that limit, beyond that line, there is the unthought. Thinking about the limit is thinking about the relationship with the unthought.


The collection of the latest articles of ours.

Figures of Contemporaneity

What is our “image of Thought”? What are the archetypes which drive our understanding of the world and the direction of our existence? How are we making experience of new figures of relation?

On Desire

Desire: a profoundly elusive idea that underlies the idea of life itself. What is this “faculty of desire”? and why do we desire?┬áThis Variation will be focused on investigating such an ephemeral and yet powerful force. A history of the concept, a “phenomenology”, a theory and practice of desiring-thought.