Chaosmotics is an online publishing platform which seeks to question and problematize contemporary times through philosophical thought. The intent and aspiration of this project is to create and publish consistently high quality contemporary philosophical works, eventually in a manner which approaches the form of a kind of pseudo-journal. This platform offers three kinds of publications, namely being singular essays on some contemporary topic, sequential essays revolving around specific themes in a “variations” section, and smaller commentaries and fragmentary writings called “shards”.

Philosophy is said to be the discipline that affects other disciplines in a manner which is instrumentally supportive. We would rather see this relationship pushed even further. By evoking a decentralized, wild and apolid thought, we will instead treat philosophy as the malaise of the other disciplines. The harnessed-rhizomatic virus that exacerbates, scars, overturns, decomposes, elevates, questions and animates everything that it touches. We hope it is with such an approach that our works, as reflections about our world and the paths we walked to arrive where we are, can give new lymph to philosophical thinking and to the capacity of imagining different configurations and re-configurations.

What we look for

We are open to and looking for contributions which are in line with the character of the publication. For now, you can read our Manifesto, which partially clarifies the range of topics and themes we are interested in exploring. We will have more to say about this in the future.

Where we are heading

In addition to the publication of articles and multimedia contents, we have future intentions of exploring the medium of print. Furthermore, our project seeks to eventually contribute directly to the emergence of engaging and contemporary online research and learning in philosophy.

For proposals and for any other inquiry, please do contact the editors at [email protected]

The Editors

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