Technomemories. Fossils of the present

by / 11 November 2022

On Friday, November 11, at 6:30 p.m. at the Carroponte hall of Frigoriferi Milanesi, the Tecnomemorie event was held, whose protagonists were the installation The Land After Time (Teresa Prati, 2022) and the audiovisual work Not even a God can understand a girl with a smartphone (Jennifer Victoria Barberi, 2022). The encounter between the two works provided an opportunity to implement a reflection with the artists and the audience on the themes underlying the two works: the relationship between time, matter and memory, affectivity towards and through the digital, and what will be left of us.

The Land After Time, 2022, single-channel video, 9’42”, color, sound, 1920×1080

Installation: 3d prints, plaster, self-hardening clay

The Land After Time is a video essay composed of original material and found footage, divided into three thematic/visual parts. The concepts of time, memory and materiality connect the chapters with the help of the artist’s recorded voice weaving a story between scientific facts and poetry.

Not even a God can Understand a Girl with a Smartphone, 2022, single-channel video, 2’50”, color, sound, 4K

Through a performative act that mimics the manner of ancient southern funeral laments, past and present converge in a set of gestures, sounds, and words. In this way, the work reasons about our approach to technology: as well as irresistible fetishes, technological objects become the protagonists of absurd emotional relationships with humans.

Teresa Prati (1999) is a multidisciplinary artist who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergamo in the three-year course of New Technologies for Art. Her research focuses on the themes of memory, time and its perception and the essence of objects. He has participated in several group exhibitions including My heartshaped fiskekake won’t fit in my suitcase (Gallery Taxi, Bergen, 2022), FARE PRESENTE (Spazio Giacomo, Bergamo, 2021) and Maratona di Visione (online show, 2021). She took part in publishing projects such as KULTURMILK and Loopera, presented at the ninth edition of SPRINT! Independent Publishing Fair (2021), and in audiovisual events such as Ibrida Festival (Exatr, Forli, 2021) or Latent City (BEK, Bergen, 2020).

Jennifer Victoria Barberi (1998) is a multidisciplinary artist and studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergamo, Department of New Technologies for Art. Her practice uses moving images and drawing to mediate complex aspects of the reality she inhabits and her relationships with it, such as her controversial emotional relationship with her technological objects. With Not even a God can understand a girl with a smartphone she participated in the video exhibitions Fenditure (Spazio Giacomo, Bergamo, 2022) and Feminist Future curated by Edith Van Elzen and Pleun Gremmen on the occasion of the Internationales Frauen*Theaterfestival (Frankfurt, 2022).


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